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I’ve updated the comics section with a few short stories I’ve done over the past year for Ink & Drink Comics‘ anthologies. I&D is a group of St. Louis creators that started getting together for beers a while back and eventually decided to collaborate. Thanks to the editing might of Carlos Ruiz, Jason Green, and Bryan Hollerbach, we now have 3 books on the shelves, each based on a different genre: horror, crime, and sci-fi (and currently taking submissions for the Western book due in 2012.)

They’re available through my shop or you can read my submissions here for free.

If you’re going to read one, may I suggest the latest, Kids These Days, from Blasted. And remember, if you buy Blasted here, I donate %100 of the profits to The Methuselah Foundation, a non-profit medical charity dedicated to extending healthy human life. So really, the more copies you buy, the longer you’ll live.


Tales from the Wedge


This weekend there’s a concert being put on by my friends at Low Key Comics, and there’s a free comic giveaway that I have a few pages in. The event is in tandem with my friend (and Low Key contributor) Jason’s 30th birthday so I did a story that’s sort of about him. You can read it here.

The Date: May 2nd, 2009

The Place: The Wedge, 442 Bates, St. Louis, MO

The Cover: Just $7

The Lineup:
St. Louis’s greatest power pop band in their last concert ever!

The Goodies:
- The free, limited edition minicomic Tales from the Wedge #1 (cover above, courtesy of Mark Welser)
- A free EP from the Maxtone Four, collecting the bands final recordings.

Studio STL Comics

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Studio STL Showcase cover

In Febuary, my friends James and Jason invited me to help teach a 4-week comics workshop for kids at Studio STL. It went great! We were lucky to have a lot of talented kids that love comics show up, and we had a lot of fun.

Afterwards, we collected their drawings and stories into a zine, and I wanted to do something cool for the cover, so I recruited my awesome friend, Vadim over at the Print Proliferation Agency, to help me with some screenprinting.

You can download the full book here


Kramers Ergot 7

Kramers Ergot 7

photo by nowherefront on Flickr

And speaking of Ted May …The 7th volume of Sammy Harkham’s Kramers Ergot anthology came out in December and I’m pleased as punch to say I was involved. Ted did an amazing story for it about a guy in a space station who has to return to Earth to stop his disobedient Frankenstein monster from killing celebrity Kevins…and he asked me to color it.

If you don’t know Kramers, Sammy Harkham started it in 2000 as a mini-comic, and its grown into one of the most respected anthologies for indie cartoonists out there. The latest got a lot of attention when they decided to make it the same size as the GIANT Little Nemo Sundays book that came out in ’05 (which printed the Sunday strips in their original size). Some big shot creators like Jaime Hernandez, Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Ivan Brunetti, and Matt Groening got on board and it started gaining a lot of hype.

Then just before it’s release, it stirred up a bunch of ridiculous troll-controversy in forums because of its high price tag ($125). I just love this line of thinking – like the creators are trying to put one over on the public by making a comic that no one can afford. “Mwaa–Now they’ll all be MINE!” I doubt anyone involved is making bank off it. No one seemed to point out that the Nemo book sold for the exact same price. Turns out, its expensive to print an unusually large format, high-quality, full color book.

For my two cents its a great collection and well worth the price.

Here’s Ted’s page (with television’s Jorge Garcia standing in for scale)

Kramers 7 on Amazon

Inkstuds interviews Sammy Harkham about Kramers 7


Is Ramune right for me?!?

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Ramune Comic

After explaining how to get into Ramune sodas a thousand or so times in my…time at Star Clipper, it occured to me I should draw it.

Behold the Ramune Epic!

Update on Flickr:



Sketches For New Comic

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A local writer named Steve Higgins is looking for artists to do some short stories (8-12 pages) which he plans to collect into an anthology sometime next year. He’s given me an outline and a few pages, so I started working on some character sketches. If anyone’s interested in hooking up with him and drawing some slice of life stories (or lettering?), send me an e-mail at

new comic sketch 01 Character Sketches 01car sketchCharacter Sketches 02


Phantom #13 Out Today

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The Phantom

Yep, that’s the one I colored. I wasn’t expecting it until later this month, but I stopped by my favorite neighborhood comic book retailer, Star Clipper to pick up Death Note 8 and there it was, in splendid glory. It looks terrible. I’d like to blame it on the newspaper its printed on, but its probably all me. I tried, but I don’t have much print experience. I even got a pantone book from Stephanie and chose all my base colors from that. fabulous colors like muddy blue, muddy green and muddy red.

Regardless, you should buy it. If only so that you can ask me to sign it and then make a joke that it’ll be worth something someday. At least maybe I’ve intrigued you with the ‘how bad could it be” factor.

Death Note was pretty good though.