Kramers Ergot 7

Kramers Ergot 7

photo by nowherefront on Flickr

And speaking of Ted May …The 7th volume of Sammy Harkham’s Kramers Ergot anthology came out in December and I’m pleased as punch to say I was involved. Ted did an amazing story for it about a guy in a space station who has to return to Earth to stop his disobedient Frankenstein monster from killing celebrity Kevins…and he asked me to color it.

If you don’t know Kramers, Sammy Harkham started it in 2000 as a mini-comic, and its grown into one of the most respected anthologies for indie cartoonists out there. The latest got a lot of attention when they decided to make it the same size as the GIANT Little Nemo Sundays book that came out in ’05 (which printed the Sunday strips in their original size). Some big shot creators like Jaime Hernandez, Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Ivan Brunetti, and Matt Groening got on board and it started gaining a lot of hype.

Then just before it’s release, it stirred up a bunch of ridiculous troll-controversy in forums because of its high price tag ($125). I just love this line of thinking – like the creators are trying to put one over on the public by making a comic that no one can afford. “Mwaa–Now they’ll all be MINE!” I doubt anyone involved is making bank off it. No one seemed to point out that the Nemo book sold for the exact same price. Turns out, its expensive to print an unusually large format, high-quality, full color book.

For my two cents its a great collection and well worth the price.

Here’s Ted’s page (with television’s Jorge Garcia standing in for scale)

Kramers 7 on Amazon

Inkstuds interviews Sammy Harkham about Kramers 7

Snookum’s Fan Art!

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And by “fan” I mean co-workers.

Here’s Drew Crowley’s…


hehe…I love the guy pooping out eggs

and Ted May’s


And if you’re playing Skate 2, why not look totally wicked with a Snookum’s Creek Board? ehhh…


alright, that’s it from me about these little blue f*@%s…

for now!!!


Snookum’s Creek Recap

Catching up on last year, The Snookem’s Creek show was a big success. A ton of people showed up for the opening and we got a lot of great feedback and support throughout the six weeks it was up. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words. I didn’t take a single picture at the opening sadly, so if anyone else did, hook me up so I can prove to my mom that people actually came out.

I did manage to get some pictures later when no one was around…Flickr set

And it sounds like the show will live on! Someone contacted us about putting it up in their space, so we’re working that out now and hope to have it ready late Spring.

Top 5 Questions (with answers!)

1. Q: Who made what?

A: Mine are on the left. Hers are on the right.

2. Q: Oh, so you made that awesome Octopus?

A: Oh…No, that’s Stephanie’s. Let me say that again. Mine are the blue ones. Hers are the pink ones….er, anything that isn’t blue

3. Q: Who’re the good guys

A: Mine of course.

4. Q: Is this from a book or something?

A: No, it started when we bought a landscape painting of a country bridge from a thrift store and painted our characters into it, at war with eachother. Around the same time, the nice folks at Star Clipper offered to let us use their gallery. We’d been experimenting a little bit with toys/models so the concept just kind of developed from there.

5. Q: Do you have any more copies of that Obama comic?

A: I’m sorry, I don’t work here anymore.


Happy Holidays

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Merry X-mas! Here’s a drawing I did for work. Xplane got just about everyone in the company to contribute to this fun-factoid-filled holiday video

Bonus Stocking Stuffer! Guy at Desk Ornament (sans pants)…


The Battle of Snookum’s Creek

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Stephanie and I are having our own show at Star Clipper soon.¬†About a year ago Ben and AJ told us we could use their gallery and we came up with this idea of each of us making an army of handmade toys and turning the gallery into a plush battleground. Aware that people might find the couple-fighting-with-toys concept to be a cutesy gimmick, we just decided to roll with it and called it The Battle of Snookum’s Creek.

I’ll post some more pics and backstory in the next couple weeks, but for now here’s a couple promotional images and some process pics on Flickr.

And come out on Dec 5th for the opening reception from 7-9. Drinks and snacks!

Stephanie’s drunken sailors…

My hamster chariot (check the header at the top of the page)…


20th Anniversary Show at Star Clipper – Last Week

My favoritest St. Louis comic shop has a show up celebrating their 20th Anniversary. They asked a bunch of friends/artists to look back at their years with the store and submit pieces for it. Having worked there into the wee hours of the morning, I’ve seen some shit. So I did Ghosts of Star Clipper, illustrating the forgotten tragedies of perished patrons.

Other contributors were Jenny Cimono, Kevin Huizenga, Brian Hurtt, Matt Kindt, Sharlene Kindt, Sacha Mardou, Ted May, Jason Robards, Stephanie Richardson, Anchovy Sciarrino, James Stark, Ronald Weaver, Dan Wilson, Peat Wollaeger, Brian Yap, and Dan Zetwoch.

These are some of St Louis’s best, so thanks to Ben and AJ for the chance to join in.

Pics from the show on Flickr. My pieces below. And If you get the chance, stop by the store before Friday when they take them down.



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You know when you overhear someone say something like “Gentle Canadians”* in casual conversation and you instantly think “Good band name”? The poster show opening tonight at Gallery Visio is like a tribute to these talented, yet existence-challenged bands and their gigs.

We’ve been so busy lately (oh yeah, we bought a house. more on that soon) that I almost didn’t do one. But Stephanie suggested I dust off an old collage I did back when I was on crack and turn it into a poster. I decided to draw it since I’d always wanted to anyway, and I thought it might make it look a little more consistent. It’s light boxed, so I don’t know if that really “counts” as drawing, but whatever. It was good exercise with a brush.

I stuck with the original file name as my band name. Simple, but it was hard for me to imagine anything else. Probably indie-electronic, like Simian or Cornelius.

and here’s something new. How bout some wallpaperz.

- – -

*Stephanie’s….she came up with all the good ones.


Flickr Set from the Opening


Go Buy Chronicles of the Wave Cutter #1

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Things that are guaranteed to make any comic good:

1. Boats

2. Large belt buckles

3. A cover that I colored

4. Nikola Tesla

Drew Crowley’s new Chronicles of the WaveCutter has 3 and its only the first issue so who knows what sort of Tesla appearances could come. Pick it up at Star Clipper or go straight to the source and contact Drew through his blog.


Cape Con

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Stephanie and I went with Steve Higgins down to Cape Girardeau over the weekend for the Cape Comic Con. It was the first time having a booth for Stephanie and I so it was pretty cool. Steve Just released Myriad #2, a fable about tigers which Stephanie did some gorgeous art for, so we all had something to peddle

We sat across from the guy from Who Wants to Be a Superhero, the guy from the original Halloween and the guy from 4 different Sci-fi shows. Cullen Bunn, who wrote the excellent The Damned (new 3 issue series just came out) was there. And then there were a bunch of Storm Troopers and some other people…

Cape Con is no San Diego. Nor does it have that hip, indy coolness of SPX or MOCCA. Not that I’m knocking it. I had a good time, and it did have 2 Boba Fetts, which my friend Drew decided is the proper way to gauge how good a con is. If you only go to one comic convention in Cape Girardeau, MO, make it that one.


Supes is 70

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Supes is 70

(click image for larger version)

Playback’s in the middle of a week long tribute with articles on him every day. I would have written something, but it wouldn’t have been much more than “I thought that airplane scene in the new movie was pretty cool, but where was General Zod?” So they let me draw a picture instead.

That being said, take it from a non-superman fan, the All-Star Superman book that’s currently running is one of the best books on the shelves.

Steve Higgins did yesterday’s article about when he was a kid and his dad, through shear luck, brought home the first part of Alan Moore’s classic Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow (from the supermarket of course), which lead to a 15 year quest to get a copy of the conclusion.

My parents got me a copy of Visionaries #4 (based on a forgotten toy line). I just spent a 15 minute quest trying to find a picture of it and gave up. Not quite the same impact. So deprived.

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