Snookum’s Creek Recap

Catching up on last year, The Snookem’s Creek show was a big success. A ton of people showed up for the opening and we got a lot of great feedback and support throughout the six weeks it was up. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words. I didn’t take a single picture at the opening sadly, so if anyone else did, hook me up so I can prove to my mom that people actually came out.

I did manage to get some pictures later when no one was around…Flickr set

And it sounds like the show will live on! Someone contacted us about putting it up in their space, so we’re working that out now and hope to have it ready late Spring.

Top 5 Questions (with answers!)

1. Q: Who made what?

A: Mine are on the left. Hers are on the right.

2. Q: Oh, so you made that awesome Octopus?

A: Oh…No, that’s Stephanie’s. Let me say that again. Mine are the blue ones. Hers are the pink ones….er, anything that isn’t blue

3. Q: Who’re the good guys

A: Mine of course.

4. Q: Is this from a book or something?

A: No, it started when we bought a landscape painting of a country bridge from a thrift store and painted our characters into it, at war with eachother. Around the same time, the nice folks at Star Clipper offered to let us use their gallery. We’d been experimenting a little bit with toys/models so the concept just kind of developed from there.

5. Q: Do you have any more copies of that Obama comic?

A: I’m sorry, I don’t work here anymore.